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19th C. French oil on canvas
FAQ: How much does conservation cost?
ANS: Each piece is unique and individually assessed. Treatment costs are not based on an artwork's value but rather, on the time and materials necessary to complete the conservation treatment to the client's satisfaction. Knowing the condition and what actions are necessary to remedy problems requires visual assessment and this is why giving a blind estimate over the phone is generally not feasible.

FAQ: Is the cost "worth it"?
ANS: Worth is a subjective attribute. A certified appraiser may be able to give a monetary value for an artwork and the conservator can estimate the cost of the treatment but only you, the owner of the artwork, can decide if its worth it to you to have the conservation work done. Appropriate conservation measures will not adversely impact the value of the artwork, but improper restorations are likely to have a negative impact.

FAQ: What can I do myself to care for my paintings?
ANS: The primary way to care for your own paintings is to provide an appropriate and stable environment. Generally speaking, an interior climate that is comfortable to you will provide good ambient conditions for the painting. It is recommended that excessive exposure to light be avoided. One other important step that you can take is to attach a protective backing board, of acid-free cardboard or a similar (archivally stable) material, to the reverse of the painting. As far as cleaning one's paintings - only the most gentle approach should be taken. After checking to make sure there is no flaking, loss, or other damage present, merely tilt the painting slightly forward and using a very soft bristle brush remove the surface dust, brushing in vertical strokes top to bottom. If further cleaning is required contact a conservator.

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